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The History of Pope Rigging Loft, Inc.

     Pope Rigging Loft's founder, Charles "Charlie" Pope was a Merchant Marine seaman before WWII. He then ended up working in Honolulu, Hawaii in the ship yards. After that, he worked on the Coastline Lumber Schooners out of San Francisco, California.

     After the war was over, Charlie continued his rigging expertise on the waterfront by founding Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. in 1946. He primarily focused his expertise with hand-splicing for his customers as well as the other wire rope distributors in the area.

     In 1952 all the wire rope splicing in Portland was done by hand. After the first swaging press came to town, Charlie made certain that he had the second press in Portland. He felt it was important to keep up with the most current rigging technology in the industry--a philosophy that has been passed down through the generations of the Pope Family and remains an important cornerstone of the business today.

                                            Charlie and Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. had been the "go-to" company for difficult and complex

                                        jobs. In the 1950's and 1960's Charlie and Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. had several opportunities,

                                        due to his high level of expertise, knowledge and exemplary reputation, to travel to Alberta,   

                                        Canada to perform an endless long splice on the ski lift in Banff. This was a unique and

                                        challenging job, for which he was repeatedly invited back, due to his stellar reputation and

                                        high-quality service.

     Nearly sixty years ago in 1959 Charlie moved Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. from the waterfront to its current location on NW Reed Street and 21st Place in the Northwest Industrial area of Portland. Shortly after moving to the new location Charlie's boys started working part time at the shop to learn the business, both inside and out. Charlie's boys went on to obtain college degrees and in the 1960's returned to Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. as full time employees and gradually took over more responsibilities as Charlie easily transitioned into retirement.

     To this day, Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. continues to be a small family-run business committed to providing outstanding customer services with products that are customized to each individual customer's exact specifications. The Pope Family has always stressed quality service at reasonable prices and their customers have relied on the Popes' to consistently deliver on time...every time.

     Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. has been the go-to company for unique and complex jobs, as well as difficult jobs in remote locations. The Pope Family and Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. has continued to operate with the "good old fashioned" values and ideals that Charlie founded the company with nearly 70 years ago.